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Are units whose purpose is to cool the air, adapting, through different designs, to the multitude of existing applications.
  • Delicate fresh genres and work rooms.
  • Preservation on fresh genus.
  • Preservation of frozen products.

Dry Coolers

The use of dry air coolers (dry coolers) allows, from the external conditions of air temperature, to cool down a fluid in a closed circuit.

Units of noticeable industrial character, robust and modular to install directly in the open air.

CO2 equipment

Are the answer to the new demand that is being generated for both commercial and industrial refrigeration with this fluid.

It adapts to a multitude of existing applications:


In addition Inditer offers...

Air condensers, heat dissipations units, clima-solar, high temperature dry coolers, air heater/cooler, evaporators, equipment CO2...

In addition to offering heat exchangers and special equipment for any type of installation.

Equipment selector calculator

Inditer S.A offers new calculation software for its units. It allows you to select the units according to the calculation through the actual operating conditions requested and for specific applications.

In addition to being able to select any of our equipment, our equipment selector allows the download of the technical card of the selected unit, thus allowing storage on the remote computer.

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Thermal Exchangers Industry

Inditer offers its range of products to different customers in different catalogs. You can download from the general catalog, refrigeration catalog and engineering-oriented catalog.

General catalog
Refrigeration catalog

Inditer presents its range of CO2 equipment

High efficiency natural refrigerant, replacing the traditional HFC.

Taking advantage of the excellent properties of thermal exchange of CO2, we obtain greater efficiency, especially in cold climates, compared to traditional refrigeration equipment. This results in a reduction of the exchange surface, as well as a lower electrical consumption of the fans.

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Upcoming events Inditer will attend

International Exhibition of Air Conditioning, Heating, Ventilation, Industrial and Commercial Cold

The days from February 26 to March 1, 2019, we will meet in Madrid, more specifically at the Air conditioning and Refrigeration fair. We are waiting for you in Pavilion Nº 8 – Stand 8D14.